Saturday, May 14, 2011

MX vs. ATV Alive 45 Palms National Pro AI

Finally a great video of someone who know how to play this game, watch this video and you will see how awesome this game is!

More New Real MX vs. ATV Alive Gameplay Videos Coming Soon! More videos to show how great this game is!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Highlights For MX vs. ATV Alive Rider Skills And Rider Skills Explained Video

MX vs ATV Alive: VMG Houston Edition Part 2

One of The most important parts of motocross racing is the racers ability to win races. Every racer has their own special area of expertise to win races.

But we all know you can’t have the best skill in every type of ability of motocross racing.
With MX vs. ATV Alive you will have your pick of two different talents’ you can choose from to do battle on the track.

In the new MX vs. ATV Alive, you will be able to earn racing skills by unlocking new racing talents for your rider.

You will be able to select which skills you want to bring to the track. That way you can make your rider better in something you may already be great at. Or you can use the skill level to help you in an area of MX vs. ATV Alive that you haven’t mastered yet.

Here is the breakdown for the rider skill in MX vs. ATV Alive

Save It If you fined your self wrecking or almost crashing allot you can use this skill so you don’t fined yourself on the ground as much.

Wrecking Ball If you need some help getting through the traffic in the race do to a wreck or bad start?  Use this rider skill to get you to the front of the pack.

Tank – If you cant stand all of the dirty riders causing you problems in the race?  Run this skill, so the rider can survive hits from other gamers.

Holeshot Boost – Having a hard time getting good starts?  Using the Holeshot Boost skill this will aid you in getting better starts. And then you will get the Motor sport hole shot reward.

XP Bonus If you’re thinking you already have plenty of skills to finish in the front of the pack, and you want some extra boost so you can unlock more goodies?  Equip this skill to get recognized when on the race track and get awarded extra Rider XP.

Quick Get Up Frequently you might find your self taking a nap in the dirt?  Use the Quick Get Up, so you can spend less time on the ground and more time trying to win races.

Stealth Passing Use the stealth passing so you can sneak up on your rivals so you are able to pass them when they least expect it?  Your rivals wont have long to know your coming, so you can accomplish a tricky pass around them on the inside.

Clutch Master – With the clutch master skill, you will be able to keep your RPM levels up, and use the clutch, master the skill to nail the tricky sections of track every lap. Also you will get better exit power out of the corners and extra power where you ever you think you need it.

Scrub Master – If you want to beat the best you will need to scrub like the best. Use scrub master, so you can stay low to the ground where it makes sense? Plus it looks cool. - Dirt bike & ATV parts

"MX vs. ATV Alive" will be selling for the price of $39.99 USD and if your excited you have good reason because there will be plenty of DLC for this game.  

Some of you might be thinking a cheaper game means the game wont be as good, or you might be thinking, you won’t get allot with the game. That is the farthest thing from the truth.

With this all new MX vs. ATV Alive game you will be getting just as much as with a full price game, if not more. You will still have a great fun game experience if not better than before. The new game will be more realistic than before, if you thought MX vs. ATV Reflex was good, this will be better, do to the fact that there will be plenty of DLC (Down Loadable Content) every week, so you can have the game you want.
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